New Year, New Site

It’s been a crazy busy 2014 both for us and for the Memphis Beer scene and 2015 is looking to be just as exciting.  We’ve seen our market grow quickly as our own craft breweries release a number of great new beers and many new beers are making their way into the Memphis market.  It has been exciting to see the palate of local tastes grow and demand new and more intriguing and flavorful offerings.  Home brewing, which has had strong support in Memphis for many years, found a new supplier and if the holiday sales of beginner brewing kits are any indication, the interest in home brewing is on the rise.

With all of this said, we know the inevitable question has to be asked (and has been a number of times on Twitter!): “When will y’all be opening?”

To say “soon” would be a cop-out.  We’ve been working on locations but as a business in a very new, and somewhat risky and unknown market, finding a space has been a series of ups and downs.  Permits and a changing legal landscape dictate where we can be as well as what we can be.  With all of that said, who we are and what we want to be is in no way making this any easier.

As we finish up negotiating for space and navigating the legal hurdles, we will update this blog with all sorts of information including product reviews, beer reviews and news, and just ramblings that I happen to do from time to time.



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