MS Brew Movement

no2MSYeah, I know- why aren’t we open yet… well, we can get to that later.

Part of our goal as a business is to be as involved in the community as possible.  As a small business who is supported by the community, it is our responsibility to support that community as well.  Because of that we look for ways to do what we can with what we have so far.  One of the places where we can be involved is in events such as the Science of Beer (which was awesome, I have to say) and the MS Brew Movement.  This event, which raises money to benefit research for Multiple Sclerosis is a great time for beer lovers and avid home brewers and looks to be another really successful year.  This year, Heather and I will be there with a table raffling off a few one gallon brew kits from Nashville Brew Post (review of them to come up shortly) and possibly some swag.

Check out the Facebook event page to sign up, get your tickets and to get tons of great information about the event, it’s mission and the people who make it happen.

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