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I have to say, looking for software and apps to help along the brewing process is an interesting venture.  There are your standards which still look like they were written around Windows 98 but they are tried and true.  You’ve got to love the old faithful.

For me, I was looking for a Windows 8.1 app that would make the most of the touch screen functionality (as other apps have such small buttons and areas that mhbtk_2y fat fingers were more a problem than a useful tool.)

Along came the Homebrewers Toolkit by Belgian Brewer.  With OneDrive sync to sync my custom recipes between my Windows 8.1 tablet and laptop, this app made it possible for me to move from device to device and play around with my recipes until I felt I had tweaked them just right.  As for calculations, it was spot on.  Both the Milk Stout and the Honey Wheat I’ve brewed both fell right in line for the OG readings.  I plug in everything from my grains (even adjust and fine tune them) to my water bill and yeast and hops and then I print it out and keep notes as I brew.

Currently there is a free companion app, Beer Color Camera, and talk of additional apps coming down the road.

Most of all, the service just rocks.  I’ve spoken with him a few times (for a problem that was of my own creation), and he is very open to discussing new features and additions to make this the best app for homebrewing on the market.  The app is a great value at $9.99 and offers a 30 day trial in case you’re a skeptic.

Over the next few months I’ll post a few more things about it and show how I use it along with a few other apps during my brew days.

If you’re interested in downloading the app on your Windows 8 or 8.1 device, click here to go directly to the store.  Try it out!


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