Because… Memphis.

We do a lot of events. Since we haven’t opened yet, or technically signed a lease on a space as of yet, we try to do as many events as possible because we really do enjoy hanging out with everyone.  We especially enjoy it if we’re able to raise money for a great cause.  After […]

Getting Back Into Brewing

I will admit, I hadn’t brewed in many, many years.  In fact, the last time I brewed was in college and those days are still a bit hazy.  It was a kit we’d picked up on one of our many off campus runs, and a couple of us thought, “how hard could this be?”  What […]

MS Brew Movement

Yeah, I know- why aren’t we open yet… well, we can get to that later. Part of our goal as a business is to be as involved in the community as possible.  As a small business who is supported by the community, it is our responsibility to support that community as well.  Because of that […]

Homebrewers Toolkit App 4

I have to say, looking for software and apps to help along the brewing process is an interesting venture.  There are your standards which still look like they were written around Windows 98 but they are tried and true.  You’ve got to love the old faithful. For me, I was looking for a Windows 8.1 […]

New Year, New Site

It’s been a crazy busy 2014 both for us and for the Memphis Beer scene and 2015 is looking to be just as exciting.  We’ve seen our market grow quickly as our own craft breweries release a number of great new beers and many new beers are making their way into the Memphis market.  It […]