Because… Memphis.

We do a lot of events.

Since we haven’t opened yet, or technically signed a lease on a space as of yet, we try to do as many events as possible because we really do enjoy hanging out with everyone.  We especially enjoy it if we’re able to raise money for a great cause.  After all, beer is great and all, but what if we can use beer to help raise money for research and disease prevention?

See, even better.  It’s beer with a cause.

We first sponsored the Science of Beer in January of 2015.  By “sponsoring,” I mean we bought glasses and handed them out.  It was at the Science of Beer that we were asked to bring beer to our next event, the MS Brew Movement, a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis research.  I never thought anyone would want to actually drink my beers, but we ended up pouring 14 gallons of beer from 22oz bottles (which is what convinced me to move to kegging.)  We then poured for the Craft Beer Festival, took some time to sell a house (which makes it incredibly difficult to brew, I might add!) and then picked back up in the fall with the Evergreen Historic District home brew festival.  We helped with the Art on Tap, poured for the MS Brew Movement Fall Mixer and then our last event, the Taste the Flavors event to benefit Sickle Cell Anemia.

I love working events- every one of them is a blast.  Afterwards, I tell Heather or Herman or whoever is working them with me “It doesn’t get any better than this.”  And I thought it couldn’t.  Getting feedback on our beers, getting to meet many new people who all had something to add to the business, and getting to help raise money for some fantastic causes- it couldn’t get any better.

Except it did.

At the Taste the Flavors event I saw something that gave me pause and reminded me why I’m looking to open a business in Memphis.  The beer was not the highlight of the event.  It was the people. The crowd was diverse, awesomely diverse- black, white, men, women, gay, straight, young and… well… my age and up.  I saw in a single three hour block what makes this city as awesome as it can be.  We came together in solidarity and for the common good of battling a disease that, as a white male, I will never directly experience but some of my friends have experienced in their families.  We came together to laugh, sometimes loudly and proudly, and we came together for a good that is greater than any one of us individually.  It is why Memphis is as great as it is.  We have a grittiness about us that makes us tough on the outside but together we are a loving and fantastic city of hospitality and humility.  It is why I love this city.

So, thank you to Stephen Whitney and the crew who hosted us.  Thank you to the host of breweries, brewers, restaurants, and sponsors who gave their time and talents to this cause.  And thank you, most of all, to the crowd of supporters who came and shared this fantastic evening with me.

Now for me to get back to work on our location.

See you all in January at the Science of Beer!

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